Humanizing marketing

We create messages for the people. We study, produce, manage and analyse ultimate marketing strategies that will make more and better tourists opt for your brand instead of the competition.

We love traveling as much as Google or Instagram

(now that’s saying something, right?)

We are a
tourism inbound marketing agency

We are fans of the marketing that draws you in, a methodology capable of attracting to your brand people that travel via a screen without moving for home, and who don’t leave the house without a screen with Internet connection.

We are a digital agency that decided to specialise in tourism because we love traveling as much as Google or Instagram (now that’s saying something!). We are very into Inbound Marketing because we are completely convinced that advertising as our parents know it, has died:

“But girl, what does your job actually involve?

Well, what we do is attract interested people to the websites and digital platforms of our clients, we convince them to buy the products from them instead of the competition, and then, we don’t let them go. More or less it’s what the witch from Hansel and Gretel does: we feed them with delectable digital contents until they are ready to buy, but without any ovens involved of course!”

We were born in 2014 as a touristic Inbound Marketing agency, and we grow day by day both as individuals and professionals. We are young people with wanderlust, lively, and joyful. Wouldn’t you love to have us as travel companions? Come on, jump right in and get to know Inturea.

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