(it’s also conga dancing every now and then, right?)

We were born as an online marketing agency in Mallorca, but really, what we do is dedicate ourselves to creating beautifully efficient content. Efficient because they know how to do their job, they achieve their objectives, and beautiful because we do things with a lot of love and affection (and things that are made lovingly make a real difference).

Our team is one with quite a ‘chesty’ personality (yes, we did say ‘chesty’; we aren’t crazy, it’s just because our staff is 90% women, did you think that doesn’t show in everything we do?) and our leitmotiv is implication. Because of how proactive we are, we like to always be on top of things and give them a lot of thought (sometimes a bit too much!) so that inspiration keeps flowing and never stops.


Laura Rampérez
Laura RampérezCEO
Laura looks after every little detail and feeling in Inturea as if it were her first-born daughter (Olivia came afterwards). Oh, and what’s more, she goes all cray-cray whenever she identifies a new business opportunity or discovers one of the latest and coolest apps for her iPad (the Pro one, though)!
Paloma Gracia
Paloma GraciaCreative Director
Paloma steps up every time we have to create a strategy, campaign, or just throw a big party at Inturea’s office, because that’s what helps her get into the spirit of what she likes to call the “Friday body” (Oh! And she also likes to come up with weird names for absolutely everything).
Puri Font
Puri FontOrganisation and Legal Manager
Puri has been part of the team from its very beginning. Little but tough. She’s as heterogeneous as her multiple professions: lawyer, foodie-tester, office-planner and singer are just some of the many little things she does to bring a smile to our faces and help us get through the day (which is nothing short of hard…).
Cristina Blasco
Cristina BlascoSenior Strategic Planner
Cristina isn’t precisely the queen of planning… at a personal level; however, when it comes to brands, campaigns, blogs, social media, and a long list of other digital-related stuff, she’s capable of organising, scheduling and planning out even the contents inside Pandora’s box!
Raquel Lora
Raquel LoraProject Manager
Raquel is a sailor by conviction. Let us explain. Originally from Salamanca (you couldn’t get more inland than that in Spain), she has managed to keep within walking distance from any of the oceans and seas found on planet Earth throughout her entire life. Her love for order, food, marketing and travels definitely make her the multidisciplinary member we were looking for.
Tamara Canuto
Tamara CanutoAccount Manager
Tamara has arrived with her sweetness, charisma and warm personality… traits that actually have nothing to do with the weather in Burgos, her native city. We can only imagine that her prior adventure in Paraguay convinced her to come over to the Mediterranean and become a total fan of crespells, ensaimadas and other gastronomic delicacies typical of the Majorcan cuisine.
Laura Salmón
Laura SalmónMarketing Executive
As versatile as can be, this girl from Santander has arrived stepping strong with a pretzel under her arm (consequences of living in Vienna for 5 years). She dived into the Austrian adventure at a software company and ended up implementing the 2.0 communication of a restaurant. She’s a worldly girl, yet adores Spain, its food, festivals and yes…. Mercadona and Decathlon (pure <3).
Silvia Mas
Silvia MasContent Manager
Silvia is like a Swiss knife: lactose-free confectioner, kitesurfer, micro-influencer, fashion addict, Russian student and journalist! All of that, and more, is inside her blonde head which goes as fast as a Ferrari. Clients, get ready for her!
Antonia Rigo
Antonia RigoArt Director
At 18 this Majorcan girl fell in love with independence, travelling and digital advertising. The latter one has always been a great part of her creative being, she’s been a digital nokmad for years, and returns to her island to enjoy what she loves most: being a foodie, playing with her dogs, her family, singing in a music group with her BFF and, of course, playing basketball too.
Xisco Bennassar
Xisco BennassarGraphic Designer
This historian at heart has mastered graphic design (and design in all its varieties), and creates artistic layouts with a special sensibility. He finds beauty in the most trivial things and is happy with the little details: listening to music on a rainy winter day or enjoying a session of chemical photography. His biggest dream? Living inside a Wong Kar-Wai film.
Aina Costa
Aina CostaMultimedia Production Executive
Aina is 100% Majorcan and in love with the beach but not with lying down doing nothing. She likes taking great pictures and acting as a paparazzi. Her whirlwind of activity is definitely not in slow motion. She makes us laugh with her 90’s references, kitten videos and astrological references. Interesting… what do the stars have in store for us with her in our team?
Ruth Valera
Ruth ValeraSenior Content Manager
Ruth is worth her weight in dictionaries. She works through the keyboard in a trillion different languages at the speed of light. She’s a top heroine of idioms whose heart belongs to one male only: Bruno (yes, that’s her dog).
Rafel Bibiloni
Rafel BibiloniSenior Content Manager
Rafel broke his relationship with TV a long time ago: Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and Spotify occupy most of his free time. However, that’s only when he’s not going full-on crazy at the front-row of a music festival or discovering all the secrets hidden in any content management tool in Inturea.
Mar Aloy
Mar AloyContent Manager
Mar is a bit of a dromomaniac, she loves jumping on an airplane to see where in the world it takes her more than words can express. And, though at Inturea she primarily plays around with the keyboard, she has other hidden passions too, such as constantly checking out for new Instagram updates or cooking up a design every now and then.
Eugenia Elia
Eugenia EliaContent Manager
Eugenia is capable of putting a smile on our faces even in the worst moments: whether it’s by talking about her beloved Nina, sharing her views on the most random tweet of the week or bringing over her most delicious homemade dishes (we still remember that heavenly avocado cake…)
Blanca Albero Petit
Blanca Albero PetitJunior Content Manager
Originally from Alicante and a citizen of the world. This star journalist communicates smoooothly, she loves to write, plan and organise the fanciest parties. For her, there’s no better plan than going out for lunch with her friends and spending time with the family, her baby and Lolo, her dog. In another life she would’ve been a psychologist, but hey, she makes up for it by devouring coaching and self-help books all day, all night (;
Noelia Puerto
Noelia PuertoJunior Content Manager
Noelia does not miss a single opportunity to tan and soak up some sunrays at any beach around the world. Although, always with the perfect outfit, since her absolute love for fashion means that she always looks flawless, just like her work. This girl is as stylish as one can get!
Hisham Alrajeh
Hisham AlrajehJunior Content Manager
Sam has been to almost all of Spain, but he’d pick Mallorca over any other region every time. He loves living life surrounded by nature, going camping and enjoying the sea and the mountains, so he just couldn’t resist. It helps him connect with himself and, since he’s also a photographer, he uses the time to take plenty of content! The rest of the time he’ll submerge into the E-commerce world, analyse data, and maybe enroll for his next Masters (;
Rady Koeva
Rady KoevaContent Assistant
Rady spent a few days holidaying in Mallorca a few years ago and she loved it so much that she decided to stay. We must say she’s a committed girl… now she says she wants to become a real yogi… be careful spiritual lovers, keep an eye on her! And watch out, she achieves anything she sets her mind to.
Beatriz Aznar
Beatriz AznarPracticando
A Balearic staple since 1996, Bea arrived at Inturea in order to put her studies in Tourism to practice and become our very own personal Becky B. A lover of the ocean and sushi, she does so well in aquatic sports that we suspect she may have been a mermaid in her previous life. And her ritual for happiness? Chasing the last rays of sun from any corner on the island.
Xavi Malondra
Xavi MalondraVideo Production Manager
Xavi is a creator at heart, behind his beloved camera, with a brush in hand, or playing the buttons of his synthesizer (and not just in any random order…). Don’t be fooled by his shy and gentle character. He is a total beast of multimedia production!
Marcos De Haro
Marcos De HaroVideo Production Executive
Marcos is an energetic, lively guy: football, tennis, paddle surf, excursions… That’s what he does when outdoors, but when he has a screen in front he is capable of devouring movies, short films, shows, documentaries, music videos, or any type of audio-visual content for hours and hours on end.


Cristian Leal
Cristian LealTechnician
Cristian gives us a hand (not to our necks, thankfully!) each time technology gives us a problem… He programmes, configures, develops and links together all types of things. He is happy practically 90% of the time (Mondays included!).
Leona Heckenberg
Leona HeckenbergGerman Contributor
Leona brings us the best of Mediterranean creativity and strict German-style order. If it depended on her, she’d live in the 80s decade forever, but with Instagram of course! Not one precious like should escape, that’s for sure.
Héctor Sanz
Héctor SanzCoach
Héctor is able to unglue us from our beloved screens once a month. With him, not only do we have lots of fun, but we also learn how to be a better person (and hey, better professionals as well!).