What is Inbound Marketing?


Do you recall that scene from Minority Report where holographic ads chase Tom Cruise through the passages of an underground station repeating his name over and over? Well I’ll give you the good news: the future advertising isn’t like that; it’s actually attractive, innovative, helps businesses with long-term projects save money, and is called Inbound Marketing.

First off we will give you a definition of Inbound Marketing that will help you understand it right from this moment onwards: it is a marketing methodology that focuses its efforts on creating and sharing content of interest for your clients (and potential customers) to attract them to your website.

Yes! This is going to boost my website visits 😀

Pero tú quieres más, ¿verdad?

Pues toma más:

With all that digital content –of super high quality and ultra interesting- Inbound Marketing not only attracts people who are interested in your service or product to your website and feeds their endless thirst for information. But rather, it also converts that content in the perfect trading system so that they give you the details you need.

Yaaaaayy! Enlarge and segment my database automatically!!

But wait… there’s more:

Because we don’t want that relationship to cool down, right? Now is the time to get to know your potential clients. Through automated marketing processes (or marketing automation as us nerds like to say), personalized email deliveries are established with which we will manage to capture users one after the other and make them end up buying and becoming clients.

Woohoo! I’m going to have more clients, that’s exactly what I wanted!!

Well then, I’m going to give you even more:

Did you know that it takes 6 times more effort to attract a new client than maintaining one you already had? Well hey, Inbound Marketing can also take charge of helping you save up a couple more euros. Not only does it achieve that your clients continue being clients and trust you, but it also encourages them to recommend you to their colleagues, friends and family.

Incredible! I love building customer loyalty. Could you ask for more?

Actually, yes:

The secret lies in maintaining contact, in keep offering information that entertains them and solves their problems; because long lasting relationships are always more profitable. Because a business that not only maintains itself but also grows with long-term objectives, ends up becoming a reference in its own sector.

At the end of the day, what we want you to understand is that Inbound Marketing helps you create an individual channel of recruitment that works 24/7 in order to sell more. It consists of your digital platforms not only being a shop window for your business, but also another sales manager (and hey, one of the best ones!).